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Welcome to Woven We Are.

Woven We Are is a curated virtual space created by founder Alexandra Smith.

Alexandra is an integrative practitioner & guide focused on the therapeutic qualities in the healing arts. Her offerings are in person and at a distance, providing a spectrum of opportunities for students to begin or continue training with Alexandra. After four years of cultivating a wellness community in Carlsbad Village, San Diego, Alexandra closed a major chapter in her life and now works in established studios & centers

across Texas.Currently, she is working in Houston & Austin, Texas, and is available for traveling training, ceremonies, and retreats.


Experience a unique, immersive soundscapes to deeply relax, and reconnect with yourself.



 A personalized healing session blending sound healing, reiki, aromatherapy & crystal elixirs.



Step into your full authentic power with support on your path.

Begin your journey to healing.


Tune into your surroundings and allow the symphony of the moment to bring you into harmony.

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