A love letter from Alexandra


Fellow weavers,

 It's been an honor tending to our beloved wellness center in the heart of the Carlsbad Village since 2016. With the loving support of the students and teachers, we collectively created a sacred space for each of us to practice. I've had the pleasure of witnessing personal transformations with many students over the years, and those memories are forever etched within my heart. When I took over the studio years ago, I was young and learning every day from each person that came through the doors. Before I was the owner of the studio, I was a yogi and teacher for many years. I introduced crystal singing bowls to the community in 2013, and by 2016 I was the tender of the space! It was in the studio that I developed my gifts and found my voice as a guide. Many of you witnessed my evolution from student to teacher to owner. I want to offer my deepest gratitude for those of you that have been guiding me along the way and supporting the studio and community for years. 


 I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18 to attend school, and I've lived in Southern California since 2006. I'm originally from Texas, and when Covid started to unfold, I realized that I wanted to be closer to my family, which all of them live in Houston. After many meditations, meetings with my professional team and guidance from elders, I decided that I needed to release the physical location and allow Woven to transform in Texas. I've returned home to my roots. It's been quite a journey these last few months, so there hasn't been much momentum or action on Woven's social media or website. I was tuning into the energetic current, and I wanted to share my personal story when it felt integrated. I didn't want to fill space with my emotional turbulence because that didn't feel helpful to the collective. 


 I am alchemizing my grief and sadness from closing my sacred space. I identified with my roles within the community and the village. I've been weaving my hero's journey of remembering who I am without the labels and masks. 


 I've been studying, unlearning, educating myself on how to be a beacon of change during uncertain times.  Cultural appropriation has been a huge topic for me, and I was lucky enough to have close friends dismantling their white privilege. We would often talk about the dilution of yoga as it was becoming manipulated by the "industry" and turned into a fitness workout geared towards materialism. As the years went by, I felt disconnected from the yoga community, which is why I chose to evolve into a wellness center. Woven We Are was created when I was on a spiritual pilgrimage around Lake Atitlán in 2018 with my Mayan teachers and elders. I sat around the sacred fire and listened to the Maya cosmovision from elders from all over the country that shared the importance of global family with an understanding of knowledge from sacred traditions. This perspective illuminated the gifts of wisdom teachings from cultures that have been weaving practices and ceremonies into the collective tapestry. Cosmic Consciousness! Over the years, I've returned to the lake for three pilgrimages, and each time it becomes more clear to me that Woven We Are is a bridge for ancestral knowledge and lineages. It brings me great joy to share that the tapestry is changing its pattern and strengthening its fabric. My mission is to be a bridge for global communities and give a voice to the voiceless. 


 Thank you for being apart of my journey. Every person that unrolled their mat to practice influenced and infused my life in some way. Thank you, beloved weavers. May your path shine bright, and may you continue to live your life with purpose. Be a beacon of change! 

 Connect soon,


Weaver of Woven We Are


Woven is a yoga, mindful movement, ceremony, and meditation studio, best described as an evolving wellness center focused on self-discovery, balance, healing, and community.


We weave consciousness modalities, in addition to yoga and meditation, and provide educational practices in soundscapes, reiki, yinki®, holistic plant medicine, ceremonies, and mindfulness and trauma recovery.


Woven is dedicated to the continued education of the contemplative practices and offers advanced workshops, training and series courses in a plethora of educational, holistic and experiential studies.


Woven recognizes the importance of the deeper practices and the interconnection of optimal wellness and aims to provide a safe container for all to explore, reconnect and find inner peace and balance to bring into their daily lives. 


Woven is also home to the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing.


When will Woven close?

We have closed the doors to the location and have decided to focus on our virtual studio. Woven We Are will continue to provide online live stream classes and will have a minimal schedule for the rest of May. We are currently moving through a sacred pause. We will release our new platform within the next few weeks! 


Why are you closing?

We realized that the economic realities of the Covid-19 shutdown are not sustainable. We are unable to operate running the business under the current conditions while losing money every month. With social distancing and new regulations + requirements, we will be unable to return to a regular studio environment and do not foresee being able to sustain under those conditions financially.


I still have class packages. Can I get a refund?

If you have classes or classes related to a membership, you may use them for our online classes — which will continue! We are, unfortunately, unable to provide refunds.


I have a gift certificate — can I use it? 

Yes, you may use your gift certificate towards the purchase of virtual classes.


Virtual Studio.. what does that mean?

We see there will be a spacious future for the collective, and we may not be able to practice in a similar setting for months to come. Even though we have closed our physical doors, we have opened up a virtual studio to continue our practices! 


What type of classes will be offered after the sacred pause? 

Classes, Workshops, and Ceremonies




New + Full Moon Ceremonies 

Guest teachers, Guides and Leaders 

How will future packages and auto-pays be structured?

We are currently working on how we will be setting up our tiers for the offerings. There will be a scale, depending on the interest in experience or education. We will be announcing within the next few weeks!

How do I stay in touch with my teacher?

Please continue to study with your teachers! Most of our teachers have professional websites and mailing lists. You can find the teachers information on our social media and website. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, then email hello@wovenweare and, we will share their professional information.