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Welcome to Woven (We Are)

Woven (We Are) is a curated virtual space
created by founder, Alexandra Smith.

Alexandra is an integrative practitioner & guide focused on the therapeutic qualities in the healing arts.
Her offerings are both, in person and at a distance, she provides a spectrum of opportunities
for students to begin or continue training in the healing arts.


Alexandra works in the local Houston & Austin, Texas area,
and is also available to travel for training, ceremonies, and retreats.

About Alexandra

We are interwoven with the Universe's rhythm, each of us is the perfect instrument re-weaving ourselves back to this natural rhythm.

Sacred Offerings


Experience a unique, immersive soundscapes to deeply relax, and reconnect with yourself.



 A personalized healing session blending sound healing, reiki, aromatherapy & crystal elixirs.



Step into your full authentic power with support on your path.

Begin your journey to healing.

Wholeness is a spectrum.
 Each one of us is a unique facet reflecting to the world our love, grief, and everything in between which emanates from our inner world. The journey through wholeness unfolds one day at a time. To remember and express the beauty within, one must choose to take time to slow the busyness of the mind and learn to listen to the music within the heart. It's my honor to be a guide along this path and may ours align so that I can be a mirror for you to see clearly. 

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