Woven, previously Yoga Bound, is located in the heart of Carlsbad Village of San Diego, just a five-minute walk to the beach and in the buzz of historic State Street. Woven is a yoga and meditation studio and sacred space, best described as an evolving wellness center focusing on self-discovery, balance, healing, and community.


With emphasis in the consciousness modalities, in addition to yoga and meditation, Woven also provides educational practices in soundscapes, reiki, yinki®, holistic plant medicine, ceremonies, and mindfulness and trauma recovery.


Woven is dedicated to the continued education of the contemplative practices and offers advanced workshops, training and series courses in a plethora of educational, holistic and experiential studies. Woven recognizes the importance of the deeper practices and the interconnection of optimal wellness and aims to provide a safe container for all to explore, reconnect and find inner peace and balance to bring into their daily lives. 


Woven is also home to the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing. 


2697 State Street, Carlsbad CA 92008


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