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Hello, my name is Alexandra Smith, and I'm an 
integrative practitioner & guide.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and lived in Southern California for 14 years! 

My spiritual journey began at a young age as an artist.

My unique way of seeing and experiencing the world guided me to attend art school in 

Los Angeles, California, where I worked in the industry 

for many years in art, film, and wellness. I developed a dedicated yoga practice 

that opened my mind to explore many traditional techniques within spirituality. San Diego 

became my next landing place to deepen my studies, and I started a two-year Integrative 

Healing program with my first mentor.

I haven't stopped studying or practicing since 2011.


My spiritual journey began at a young age.



2006 - 2011

I was a dedicated yogi in Los Angeles. 



I completed my first 200hr as a Certified Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego. 



I completed 2-year Integrative Healing Certification 

I traveled to New Zealand for my first two-week yoga retreat and went to Bali, Indonesia,

for six weeks to study with Master Sound Healers and Master Yogis 


2013 - 2016 

I traveled to Costa Rica multiple times to assist my mentor in our

Certified Integrative Healers Training in Santa Teresa.



I became a Certified Healing From Within Mentor.



I became a Co-Founder of the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing. 



I took over a yoga studio in Carlsbad, San Diego. I introduced integrative healing into

the schedule,

leading classes, trainings, and programs for Tranquility until 2020.



I completed 270 hours of Therapeutic Sound Healing with Mandara Cromwell, Wendy Young,

and Stephanie Roker. Attended the Cymatics Conference for the first time!

Partnered with Love Your Brain as a safe studio for the traumatic brain injury population. 



First pilgrimage to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, to learn about plant medicine from Mayan Elders. 

I rebranded my studio as an Integrative Wellness Studio and named it Woven We Are.



Deepend on my shamanic path with indigenous guides and elders and continue learning

from Master Teachers. I traveled to Poland and Hawaii to study music with my mentors.



I completed my third pilgrimage to Guatemala and returned to the pandemic. I closed my studio

and moved back to Texas! 



I completed Level l Bioeometry with my mentor Dr. Robert and returned for my fourth pilgrimage. 



I completed two Integrative Crystal Trainings with Sarah Thomas LAc and became the sole owner of the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing.



I just returned from my sixth pilgrimage from Guatemala with my Mayan guides, where I continue to receive their gracious teachings, offerings, and ceremonies.

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