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“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not through our ears but with every cell in our bodies.”

Mitch Gaynor; Medical oncologist, internist, and hematologist.


Mitch has suggested that when receiving or creating sound healing as a form of therapeutic practice, the physical and energetic body can access multiple ways of “tuning” itself into balance. 


Sound Journey

An intentionally guided sound journey moves through the elements and four directions using instruments to create an experience based on a co-creation with the participant. The person receiving is involved with the sound journey and may make their sounds, expressions, or movements to enhance the experience. Sound journeys are usually a one-on-one or intimate setting. 


Soundscape Session

Customized soundscape treatment with a specific intention during one on one sessions. This is an opportunity to infuse Reiki, Essential Oils, and Energy Healing throughout the soundscape treatment. It can be passive, participatory, or active & passive.

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Sound Bath

Typically this is an experience where the participant lies down, nestled in with layers to keep the body warm, and the lights are dimmed. A Sound Bath is mostly a passive experience for the recipient. Sound baths are usually in one on one or intimate group settings. 

I can curate any kind of sound bath desired for groups in private, retreat, or corporate settings in person in Houston or Austin, Texas. I am available for private events, ceremonies, or facilitating training in the Integrative Arts. Please email to discuss details,availabitly, and pricing.