Level 1: A class geared towards moving slower and understanding concepts of yoga, sound, restoration and healing.

Level 2: An intermediate class and encourages the understanding of some yoga.

Level 3: An intermediate to advanced practice with regards to sequencing, strength building and stretching.  

All Levels: Classes may have a bit of all the above within them, including detailed instruction and options to modify for those a bit newer to the practice, as well as challenging moments for those adept at the practice.  

Split Level Classes (1-2, 2-3) offer a combination of the elements above.



A slow and nurturing yoga practice for movement, aligning, deeper connection, and the coming together with breath. This interwoven practice is open to all levels. 



This one hour experience provides an opportunity to awaken and understand the senses for deep listening and to be in the symphony of the moment. No yoga experience needed. Dress comfortably and bring your yoga mat. You may also want to bring layers and an eye pillow.



A slow and nurturing yoga practice for movement, aligning, deeper connection, and the coming together with breath, stretching, meditation and sound to invoke a deep state of inner and outer relaxation. Listen to a variety of instruments, integrating the body’s natural healing energies through the use of sound. Instruments may include the voice, crystal/Tibetan singing bowls, drum, chimes, kalimba, flute, and harmonium. 



A well-rounded yoga class to promote mind-body awareness practices, moderately strong sequences of Sun Salutations and standing postures linking breath with movement to help build strength in mind and body. Class will incorporate meditation either at the beginning or end of class. 



A mindfully influenced yoga class, weaving the alignment of the physical and subtle body practices, breath work (pranayama), meditation, traditional philosophies, healing energy, and mantra throughout class depending on the teacher and their lineage.


Yinki® is a unique blend of Yin Yoga infused with Reiki and traditional Sound Healing using crystal singing bowls. Combining breath work, meditation, and Yin Yoga asana to deepen into the body’s connective tissue and ease muscle fascia, the Yinki® Yoga experience allows for transformative relaxation and powerful release of mental, emotional and physical stress. Reiki and Sound Healing infuse the senses and chakra energy centers with vibrational biorhythmic frequencies for spiritual awakening and optimum healing of the physical and energetic bodies.


This unique yoga class blends traditional practices with the cosmic cycles of time to discover how they relate to the body, mind, and emotions. Flowing and rhythmic movements are integrated with mindful breath to enhance a steady, disciplined mind, and to discover how each season and the cosmic energies may be influencing them, to gain insight into self-awareness. Guided breath-work and a healing journey usually end class. 


Embodied Movement is a class created to explore connecting with the body through somatic movement. In this practice students are guided and encouraged to move from within their inner realms and explore different ways to express what is present. This dance inspired class includes intentionally moving with the body’s wisdom, visualization, breath, and sound vocalization to empower students to express what is alive in the moment. 



This is a special offering providing the space for you to unwind from the weekend and learn simple ways to access the abundance of life force energy, Reiki. Learn self attuning rituals to prepare your body, mind, and spirit to receive the therapeutic sounds from the instruments. All are welcome to attend. No experience is needed.



A restorative and relaxing practice for the body, mind, and spirit. Supported by the use of bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps with gravity, deep breathing, and presence to gently open in subtle ways, this practice teaches the body and mind to fall into the calming nervous system. The class is balanced with guided relaxation techniques to support deeper nourishment and prepare the body and mind for sleep. Great for those who want to unwind and receive, are recovering from an injury, or in need of healing energy attention. Benefits include improved digestion, reduced blood pressure, relieving insomnia, and reducing general fatigue.



Prepare to move softly into the subtle body awareness of the yoga practice through intermediate Yin postures, pranayama and Yoga Nidra guidance. Class is designed to find stillness in the mind/body as the connective tissues ligaments, tendons and fascia surrender. Class ends in a deep relaxation turning inward away from outer experiences with a twenty minute guided Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). All levels welcome.