Experience the beauty of what it means to feel whole.
Each offering is a private one-on-one session customized for you.

Virtual Sessions

Even though we are apart the space doesn't separate the potency of our session.

Integrative Session

Virtual Integrative Session | 30 minutes $70 or 60 minutes $150, packages available 

Cultivation of embodiment practices and techniques to replenish from the inside out.

Depending on your needs I will create a nourishing session with mindful movements such as yin or restorative yoga poses to reduce tension in the body. Pranayama practices, energy balancing techniques, and meditation will be woven into the session to support a spectrum of well-being.

Crystal Healing 

Virtual Stone Medicine Treatment | 30 minutes $80  or 60 minutes $160, packages available

Energy flows where intention goes! I've been refining my distance treatments with stones and energy healing to be able to provide physical, emotional, and energetic support from my treatment room wherever you are in the world! 

Sacred Ceremony

Virtual Sacred Ceremony | 30 minutes $70 or 60 minutes $120, packages available

Activation of the elemental altar within to remind you of the sacredness of your unique path. Each ceremony is enhanced by astrological alignments and specifically based on your intention. 

In-Person Treatments 

Houston, Texas

at River Oaks Chiropractic Center

or Travel to the client's home

(prices vary on location)



Integrative Soundscapes | 60 minutes $180

An interwoven session using multiple instruments to create a symphony of sounds to stimulate your creativity, relax your mind, and bring ease to your body. The intention of this treatment is to open the receiver’s mind to a vast vibratory world that exists within each note from the instrument. Restore and replenish your mind and body with a curated soundscape session using crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments to harmonize your inner peace.



Energy Healing

Integrative Healing Session | 60 minutes $180

This customized session is interwoven with soundscapes, Reiki, crystals, and essential oils to create a sensory experience that nourishes and replenishes the physical, mental, and energetic layers. Reiki is a Japanese lineage of energy healing that employs light touch to soothe the mind, relax the body and improve energy flow. Experience a greater feeling of peace and overall well-being. 


Essential Oils

Vibrational Raindrop Technique | 75 minutes $240

The Vibrational Raindrop Technique combines the power of essential oils with weighted tuning forks applied to meridian points on the body to enhance the natural flow of energy within. Soundscapes are infused into the treatment to elevate one’s connection to mind, body, and energy.

Emotional Release with Essential Oils | 75 minutes $250

A  guided healing session with the intention to help one access their emotions by using essential oils as a pathway to open one’s connection to their emotional world. Take a journey into your body by lovingly expanding your connection to your inner world to release stagnation within your memories.


Embodiment Practice

Yinki Healing Session (Yin Yoga + Reiki + Sound Healing) | 60 minutes $150

Yinki is an individualized session that incorporates yin yoga poses that are beneficial for the client. Yinki combines Yin Yoga, Reiki energy healing, essential oils, and crystal bowls to enhance energy-balancing and healing.



 Personalized Crystal Elixir | price varies depending on minerals

Customized crystal elixir formulated based on your intention using minerals that harmonize, balance, and restore vitality on the most subtle energetic layers. Water is distilled and remineralized by Alexandra to maintain integrity with living structured water. 

Personalized Crystal Smudge Spray | price varies depending on minerals & essential oils

Customized essential oil & crystal smudge spray based on your intention using essential oils & minerals that harmonize, balance, and restore vitality on the most subtle energetic layers. Water is distilled and remineralized by Alexandra and essential oils are from Aromatics International.