My name is Alexandra,

 I want to thank you for stopping in and taking the time to explore my virtual musings. 

 My life forever changed when I was introduced to sound healing in the early 2000's when I was practicing yoga in small and intimate studio settings in Los Angeles. A particular class in West Hollywood changed my entire practice when the teacher introduced the harmonium into her class and I remember becoming guarded as soon as she started playing because I had never heard any of the sounds she and the instrument were making. I was fairly new to yoga world and the communities that were shaping the spiritual culture in the area, and beyond. 

 A few years later I moved to San Diego because I felt as if there was something special awaiting for my arrival and I spent nine years living alongside the pacific ocean in north country, sd. This was a cycle of time where I was exploring many facets of living a modern spiritual life in SoCal. Yoga was a regular weekly practice and I found the most incredible friends in yoga studies, healthy restaurants and rad crystal and books stores. I committed to my first yoga teacher training in Encinitas, Ca in 2011 and that was the beginning of my quest for knowledge and wisdom. Quickly into teacher training I started to learn about many lineages of yoga, meditation, and energy modalities from the plethora of master teachers and teachers that lived in the area or came in for special workshops, trainings or retreats. I preferred intimate group settings and workshops were my favorite way to spend my time over the weekends! At the time, there was a tiny yoga studio that two yoga teachers shared and both of them attracted the most unique community of active successful yogis.