My name is Alexandra,

 I want to thank you for stopping in and taking the time to explore my virtual musings. 


In 2011 I didn't know at the time that my life would forever change when I decided to enroll myself in a two-year integrative spiritual program in San Diego. I had already completed the first yoga teacher training in Los Angeles and was ready to expand my knowledge of alternative modalities and practices. Over the years, I began to train with Master Teachers in yoga, spirituality, shamanism, and sound healing, providing me with rare training on spiritual pilgrimages worldwide to learn from indigenous guides and elders. 


I have had the honor to receive many teachings from traditions worldwide. I carry the utmost respect for indigenous communities because they are the record keepers of our beloved home. 


I became the co-founder of the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing in 2015 while living in Costa Rica with my business partner. We used to host two week-long trainings for our students going through our Certified Integrative Healer and Healing From Within Programs with our school. We discovered it was beneficial to teach healers to study outside of their everyday environment by bringing people into nature was the greatest teacher of all. Over the years, I have hosted dozens of in-person yoga & spiritual teacher training in Costa Rica, California, Oregon, and Guatemala. 


Recently I moved to Houston after 14 years in California, where I owned & operated a wellness center called Woven We Are in Carlsbad Village, San Diego. For many years, I applied all my training and studies to a practical application by playing crystal singing bowls multiple times a day for dozens of students and teaching yoga, meditation, and sound healing. 


Now, my work has transitioned online, where I continue to teach, train, and mentor clients and students in the integrative arts. I am very grateful to have my own space nestled into River Oaks Chiropractic and Body Works, where I work with my clients one on one in person! I am also available to work over the phone or Zoom to support anyone anywhere in the world.