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Soundscapes by Alexandra.

Experience the benefits of customized soundscapes
curated for your intention.

Individual & group sessions available.

Sound Journey


An intentionally guided sound journey moves through the elements and four directions using instruments to create an experience based on a co-creation with the participant. The person receiving is involved with the sound journey and may make their sounds, expressions, or movements to enhance the experience. Sound journeys are usually a one-on-one or intimate setting. 



A customized soundscape treatment with a specific intention throughout the one on one sessions. There is an opportunity to infuse integrative modalities, such as Essential Oils, Crystals, and Energy practices throughout the soundscape treatment. These sessions are deeply healing allowing the recipient to deeply relax while enjoying a fully passive experience.

What is a Sound Journey?

Typically a sound journey is an experience where the participants lie down, nestled in with layers to keep the body warm, and the lights are dimmed. A sound journey is mostly a passive experience for the recipients. Sound journeys are usually in an intimate group setting.

Private Groups, Retreats & Corporate Wellness

I am available for private events, retreats, and corporate wellness - each sound journey is curated specifically to the event or retreat.

Email to discuss details, availability, and pricing. 

You are interwoven with the Universe's Rhythm.

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