Woven We Are specializes in the art and education of Soundscapes. Owner, Alexandra Smith, has trained extensively in the field of cymatics, sound and the science of sound. She participated in the first year-long Sound Training held in America in 2017 with professors from all over the country, including Princeton. She has spearheaded this program and its offerings at the space sharing weekly Soundscape classes. In 2020 she will share her 

therapeutic soundscape course during the 7 month Certified Integrative Healer Training with her students in her other business, Tranquility School of Healing. 


Soundscapes provides an opportunity to awaken and understand the senses for deep listening. It's an opportunity to be in the symphony of the moment. No experience needed. When virtually attending, please dress comfortably and bring your yoga mat. You may also want to bring layers and an eye pillow.