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Alexandra with Woven We Are specializes in the art and education of Soundscapes. She has trained extensively in cymatics, therapeutic techniques with instruments, the science of sound, and the proper application of soundscapes in group and private settings. She participated in the first year-long Therapeutic Sound Practitioner Training held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2017 with professors from all over the country, including Princeton. She completed 270 hours of training, where she learned to build case studies to provide data for the benefits of soundscapes.

While she had her wellness studio (Woven We Are, 2016 - 2020) in Carlsbad Village, San Diego, she had the opportunity to play soundscapes for thousands of students over the four years she had her location. Alexandra was able to witness the effects of soundscapes on all types of brains and bodies!


In 2016 Woven partnered with the non-profit called Love Your Brain that offered complimentary yoga to the traumatic brain injury community. She had the privilege of developing a relationship with her tbi students, caretakers, and family over the years and was able to witness extradinary results from her students that would receive soundscapes weekly! 


Alexandra is currently living in Houston, Texas, and provides her services in Houston and Austin! She is available for in-person classes, training, and retreats while providing intensive soundscapes for her other business, Tranquility School of Integrative Healing. She hosts a virtual seven-month training once a year with her two business partners, and Tranquility specializes in the science of spirituality. 


If you would like to learn more about her services or become a practitioner in the integrative arts, please email to set up a phone call to see if her program is a good fit for you. 

Soundscapes provide an opportunity to awaken and understand the senses for deep listening. It's an opportunity to be in the symphony of the moment. No experience is needed when tuning into a session or class.

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