“Yoga, as a way of life and a philosophy, can be practiced by anyone with inclination to undertake it, for yoga belongs to humanity as a whole. It is not the property of any one group or any one individual, but can be followed by any and all, in any corner of the globe, regardless of class, creed or religion.”


- Krishna Pattabhi Jois


We believe Yoga is an internal practice and when we come together in community to share this practice, we are reminded that we are all in this life together, all feeling the same emotions, learning how to navigate this wonderful thing we call life.



Our classes in the practices of yoga focus on the power of the breath, conscious movements with an emphasis on deep reflection. We provide an array of classes and unique non-traditional movements, as well as traditional yoga practices.


We also offer wellness, brain-body, healing and ceremonial events for deeper exploration.


Our aim is to provide a safe place for you to settle into your own inner landscape among others doing the same, to reconnect, remember and re-discover your heart and just genuinely bring goodness into your life. 


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Saturday, Dec 7th


In collaboration with the ME WE market the studio will provide an artistic landscape for our community to come together and experience an interactive gallery presented by Taylor Gallegos. Taylor will curate the space with a few series of paintings that will be displayed in the studio and we will have other artist sharing their gifts throughout the evening!

We will have a cozy Cosmic Lounge in Interwoven with Belinda Pearl offering Oracle readings and a tea & cacao sit with Alexandra Smith.

Our lobby will have a few vendors sharing their gifts and adornments for the upcoming holiday season!  

Celebration of the Arts

Jan 18-19 & Feb 1-2

with Chiara Stella

This 25-hour Yoga Alliance accredited training will explore the practice of Restorative Yoga and its wonderful effects on both the physical body, and the mind as a relaxing, healing and rejuvenative practice.

Restorative Teacher Training provides a clear understanding of the roles of the nervous system as well as the subtle energy body and how they relate to relaxation response. You will explore how restorative poses can be used to create balance, nurture inner quiet, and renew core energy. You will also learn skills to help you create deeply transformative poses through the use of your voice, sound therapy, specific themes, verbal cueing, and props.


Trainees will also practice tuning in to the subtle energetic field of their students, developing the ability to sense, see, and feel physical and energetic misalignments and skills for adjusting them to create a greater sense of health and wholeness.

The Training Will Address:

  • the art of presence

  • the anatomy of the Nervous system

  • the use of props and the art of propping

  • guidelines for common health conditions and modifications

  • sound therapy

  • specific sequencing

  • using imagery to access the subtle body

  • mantra, meditations and pranayama

  • opening and creating space for deep relaxation

  • intention of restorative poses through the Koshas ( or energy bodies )

Restorative Yoga Training

Jan 11 & 12


with Alexandra Smith

This sacred Japanese healing tradition will allow you to cultivate your intuition to rediscover your ability to heal yourself.

During this class you’ll be be guided through the history of Reiki, empowering you through the First Degree Reiki attunements. You will discover your ability to use and share the universal healing energy that is Reiki. Additionally, you will be prepared for a 21-day cleanse of the Chakra system.

Join Alexandra Smith for a two day Reiki training held in our temple space next door to the studio, InterWoven. 

Reiki First Degree: Level 1 Training

Feb 8-9


with Alexandra Smith

Prerequisite: First Degree Reiki

The Second Degree class provides the next level of attunements to attain higher levels of Reiki energy, amplifying the vibratory level in our physical and etheric bodies.

The initiations attune the individual to the power symbols, which are used to perform absentee healings and a stronger form of mental/emotional healing. As First Degree attunements focus primarily on elevating the energy of the physical body, Second Degree attunements work more directly on the spiritual level helping to elevate intuition.

During this training you will be taught how to work with others and apply what you have learned.


**If you were not certified by the Tranquility School of Healing then you must email to see if you qualify for this course.  

Second Degree Reiki Training

2697 State Street, Carlsbad CA 92008


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